Gremlins: Those Pesty Littly Creatures

 In the 1984 movie “Gremlins”, a young man named Billy was given a unusual gift from his father for Christmas. This very cute creature was a Mogwai which Billy named Gizmo. Most Mogwai are mean spirited and mischievous but not Gizmo. The father was told by the creepy old man that sold him Gizmo, there were three very important things he must follow when owning a Mogwai. 1. Never expose a Mogwai to bright light, especially sunlight. Bright lights will hurt it and the sunlight will kill it.
2. Never feed it after midnight. (I have often wondered, from midnight to when in the morning can you feed it?) It creates a cocoon and what comes out is a fierce little monster called a Gremlin.
3. Never get it wet. If they get wet it will reproduces another which pops from its back.

The father didn’t question these three details that the old man stressed to him, but he did let Billy know what the rules were.

So wouldn’t you know it, Billy’s little friend spilled water on Gizmo and it spawned more Mogwais. However, these creatures appeared to be more deveaous and less sweet than Gizmo. They chewed through Billy’s clock/radio cord so he wasn’t aware that they were given food after midnight. This transformed these Mogwaias into little, evil, destructive monsters known as Gremlins. The Gremilins set out to destroy the town after the leader, Stripes, jump into a pool and spawned hundreds more of them. Basically, Billy saves the day by killing off all the Gremlins but it was not an easy task.

This wasn’t the end. In 1990, “Gremlins 2: the New Batch”, Billy and Gizmo are reunited in NY and it starts all over again…..

Are gremlins real? Wikipedi calls a “Gremlin as an English folkloric creature, commonly depicted as mishcievous and mechannically oriented, with a specific interest in aircraft. Although their origin is found in myths among airmen, claiming that the gremlins were responsible for sabotaging aircraft. Since World War II, different fantastical creatures have been referred to a gremlins, bearing varing degrees of resemblance to the originals.”

Deep in the jungles of Peru sightings have been reported of a creature, Chullachaqui, is demonic and looks like a gremlin. There have been many recent sightings in the rainforest near the Madre De Dios River, with many local tribesmen in fear of coming face to face with the Chullachaqui. This creature seems to be different from any other creature that lives in the forest. Usually there is a strange whistling sound right before it is seen in the thick Peruvian jungles. It is very fast, between 3 and 4 feet tall, has sharp fang teeth, pointy ears, and fur, with a three-toed footprint and is a night-dweller.

Josh Gates and the Destination Truth team recently went looking for this gremlin-like creature. Check out my recap.  The evidence they collected did not find proof that this creature was real, but for the people of Peru, they believe that gremlins exist.



  1. I love the Gremlins. I probably hold the worlds record for watching both of them more than anyone. :)

    I even have a Gizmo that sleeps with me, an no, I don't give him food or water after midnight.

    Cute picture of Gizmo

  2. Without being boring on the habits and uniqueness of the coral snake... you just never see or hear about seeing them... only here in the South... we believe and adjust our habits accordingly.

  3. Julie I loved this article!! Like Atrueoriginal for some reason I love the Gremlins too! Haha i even remember from grade school-one of my friend's moms drove an AMC Gremlin -cool looking little cars in a 70s sort of way:-)
    I would say that yes-in my life there are Gremlins-with me they especially seem attracted to anything electronic or with a motor that i use.
    I was talking with a long time blog friend-well emailing-and i explained to him how i use to have all of those awful connection problems at my main blog.
    they cleared up on their own -at least 98 percent did or so-and I got to thinking-how does something like that resolve itself?
    no work was done on the puter and Cox cable didnt come out to check connection and yet -knock on wood!!
    thanks so very much also for your nice thoughts today!!
    I also wish you and Mike a long and happy bloglife and of course a long and happy "real" life -lives i should say!!
    thanks for all of your great reviews and synopses here also-they are extra helpful for someone without cable TV-and that needs to be extra careful when renting movies-if there is even a few bucks for that because you cant afford to rent a bummer
    all the best to both of you!!

  4. Devin, I have problems all of the time that clear up all by themselves with little gremlins called Windows. Microsoft is in my computer one or more times a day fixing errors. That's just one example of many though. I also have a Firefox browser and it automatically corrects connection problems too without my immediate knowledge as does Time Warner. They won't send you a message saying "hi, we're here". They just fix what they discovered, which they scan beforehand and you'll never know they were there.

  5. Forgot to mention this. If you ever see your light on your computer blink for a while but yet you're not opening any windows on the Internet to cause that, that's usually someone in there. I relish those little blinks. Of course the flip side to those is of course hackers.

  6. I always blame my technical problems on the computer on gremlins. I love the mogwai. I wanted want! How cute! I always call little dogs mogwai's. They seem so cute and innocent and then like Chihuahuas, they suddenly bear teeth and look grizzly. Now you have me wanting to see that again--I haven't seen it since my son was a little one and I recall he hid under a pillow while he watched it. I like when they take over the town and party!

  7. LOL, love all the comments.
    Eileen, I really like this movie too. The bar scene is one of my favorites not to mention the theater full of gremlins singing "Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it's off to work we go...." I had a gremlin in my computer not long ago and had to restore the hard drive. I was pissed.

    eloh, maybe if we don't see them, they are crafty little devils and know how to hide from us. Remember the one on the airplane's wing eating the engine that William Shatner's character saw in that eppy of Twilight Zone? They love the airplanes.

    Devin, I also owned a 1978, black and gold Gremlin. I loved it. It was so easy to parallel park. It got hit by a RV at the Grand Canyon and was never the same.

    Autumn, a friend of mine had a long hair Chihuahua and named him Gizmo. Cutest thing but had a temper like Spike, lol.

  8. It meant "Stripe" not "Spike". I liked Billy's neighbor (can't recall his name). He knew the gremlins were coming but everyone thought he was nuts!


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