Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bigfoot, the Horned Toad and Misc

Here are some miscellaneous pictures from our Casa Grande trip.

Sharon relaxing at the dump with her newest family addition "Junkyard Annie".

Vinnie and Sharon walking across the wash to get to the abandoned rec center.

Sharon's car...

A one-legged Bigfoot in the Casa Grande desert?

Vinnie and the weird rock.

Halloween costume?  Looks like someone was a zombie.....muhahaha!

The flying saucer building at the Domes.

Vinnie getting beamed up by Scottie. 

The party tunnel at the Domes.

Vinnie checking out hell.

...and here it is, hell.

The horned toad we found. (Actually Vins found it.)

Messing with the horned toad and trying to turn it over.
 The smart little creature wasn't going to let that happen.


  1. That was a freaking blast. It always is on our rad trips but Vin-Man did add a certain amount of child-like curiosity that made it even more hilarious.

  2. I did like the way he would whip out his cell phone and check out the GPS of the area we were at. We wouldn't have found the rec center or horned toad without it.

  3. Everytime I see a horny toad I start talking like Yosemite Sam. "great horny toads" !!!

  4. I always heard the road to Hell was paved with good intentions. Apparently, good intentions and Rolling Rock beer; based on the photo of Hell itself!

    Who knew?

  5. Barry, I can just hear you say that too, lol!

    Brenda, yep there is partying in hell for sure.

  6. "They turned him in to a huh-huh-horney toad!" In my best "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" rendition! Hee Hee Hee!

    love ya sis-tah!

  7. Tara, loved that quirky movie!

  8. Parties in hell? Is it BYOB?? And will there also be a
    Pre-Hell party on the saucer ride down?

    Because I'm in. Hee Hee!

  9. Yep Brenda, you take the saucer ride out to the Domes and party like crazy in hell!