Monday, November 22, 2010

My Guest Blogger: April

I am very excited to introduce my guest blogger, April. April will be sharing her real life paranormal experiences and bizarre dreams on my blog. Last year I posted eight stories of paranormal events that happened to her. (I will link each post at the end.) April and I have been corresponding back and forth on facebook about those accounts and the many other weird stories and dreams she has experienced. She has written some of them down on paper and I asked if I could share them on my blog. She agreed and emailed me some of the stories already written. She was curious to find out if there were others that share the same occurrences.

I have known April since she was in elementary school and began hanging out with my daughter. They became close friends and soon April was joining us on camping and fishing trips. She would often spend the night and tell my kids some of her paranormal stories. There were a few times that my son would come out to the living room where I was watching TV and join me. He was scared because as he would put it, “April is telling her stories again and I got scared”. Another thing I remember when April was younger is that she loved watching “The X-files” and never missed an episode.

April’s first remembered experience was at the age of 4 years. (I titled the story, “The Orange Ball”.) Another story (I titled “After the Ouija Board…”) is about several experiences April had after using an Ouija Board. April’s Mother once told her that when using an Ouija board, you must ground your energy and shield, just like hooking up to a surge protector. Her Mother claimed that they came from a long line of psychics, ghost magnets and seers, but April doesn't agree. Instead she didn’t listen and had many strange experiences after using an Ouija board, but has since stopped using one.

April hasn’t had any problems with metals but with electronics, especially phones. They tend to act in an unusual manner whenever she is around. She also says that she has a tendency of “weird” follow her wherever she is at. At work she has the most computer issues and seems to get most of the weird cases. Along with the weird are the many paranormal experiences she has had. She has heard disembodied voices, seen things move, strange lights, and shadow figures. These strange occurrences are still happening to her today.

April doesn’t see dead people, but seems to have times of extra ordinary coincidences and a feeling that accompanies them. This feeling might last a few days or even weeks. During that time, she feels like she is in a dream state or auto pilot as she describes it, but can still function with the everyday things she has to do.

April works a full-time job as a fraud and risk analyst for a large company. She is an amazing artist and gets a kick out of finding funny videos on YouTube of people and animals. She is always laughing, especially at herself and tells funny stories of her past. She has always had a fascination with weather and loves watching the show “Storm Chasers”. (I thought she would be one herself.) She loves to read mysteries, nonfiction, and is a fan of Stephen King and the discovery channel. She is newly married with hopes of starting a family soon but for now her terrier mix, which she rescued, is her baby. She is a severe asthmatic and has gone into cardiac arrest on multiple occasions. (She has a story about one of her experiences which happen in the hospital before she woke up for a future post.)

That is a little bit of information on April. Look for her to do some guest posts on my blog.  Here are a couple of self portraits drawn by April:

Here are the posts I did on some of April's bizarre experiences with the paranormal:
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  1. Wow, the portraits are awesome! I stared a long time at the first portrait - what a capture of the expression.
    I was a 'storm chaser' in college. Got paid money to do it. An odd collection of friends resulted.

    Thanks for the intro to April and her works & experiences.

  2. Brenda, you should see her other drawings, they are just as amazing. I am surprised that she hasn't done any storm chasing, she has talked about it every since I have known her.

  3. She is an interesting case study in why some people seem to be attractive to phenomenon. Sometimes, it's an open heart and mind that recognizes these things when they see them. I can't wait to hear more from her.

  4. Sharon, I wondered if her medical condition has something to do with all the phenomena that follows her? Maybe she is more sensitive...

    Barry, I know she is!

  5. What an amazingly talented artist. Great story.

  6. WOW! What an amazing artist. Those self-portraits are beautiful.

  7. This is a very cool idea. I have a good friend who I would love to have as a guest on my blog with her stories and abilities, but she is a bit weary as she dabbled into "bad" things during a time in her late teens/early twenties when she just "didn't give a shit". Maybe I can convince her?!?! She has since put that behind her, but is still a bit afraid.

    I just read the "Orange Ball" story of April's. What caught my interest was her rendition of the angels. When I was a young child, I don't remember ever seeing angels, but I spent A LOT of time drawing them for a period of a year or two and then just stopped. Wonder if there is anything to that? Curious.

  8. MM & Brenda, I totally agree, she is very talented.

    Tara, April wanted to tell her stories and see if anyone else shares what she has experienced. I was happy to give her a place to do so. It also gives me more things to post. April's angels were her Dad and Aunt. I found it interesting because both are still living so I wondered why the angels resembled those two particular family members. Also, that she had the presence of mind at 4 years old to draw what she saw.