Sunday, January 23, 2011

Montana Wilderness and Ice Fishing

Our second full day was going to start with a snowmobile trainee class and then a two and a half hour trek through the woods.  After my hubs talk with another couple that did this and they were very sore from all the riding, we decided to back out and do the wilderness trek instead.

Montana in the winter is absolutely beautiful.  Snow is everywhere which looked like white frosting on the ground.  The wilderness trek consisted of a tour around the ranch in a van and then a half mile hike near the river.  We saw all the ranch's black Angus, long horns and horses.  In the summer, the cattle is moved from one place to another by guests like in the movie "City Slickers".  The place is huge (I forget exactly how many acres), and it consists of private living areas, barns for all the animals, the western village, housing for employees, lots of forest areas, and many other breathtaking views.

Look, a deer!

Ok, this is a real deer, Bambi.

I would hate to see the beaver that did this!

After lunch we had ice fishing scheduled.  This was something else we never did before and wanted to try.  The lake was very close to the town and took us just a couple of minutes to get there.  On the frozen lake was three fishing huts which had four holes drilled into the ice, a bucket for each to sit on, a fishing pole, heater and an employee there to help you along.  After an hour of seeing the fish breeze by and nudge our bait, we had no luck at all.  The fish must have been full from all the food they ate in the morning and were not interested in our bait.


  1. Any day when you get try try new stuff has to be good.

    Keep warm.

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm so jealous! That looks like a total blast. I want to try any and everything. Now, I'm itching to go stay at a ranch.

  3. Right on Sucio!

    Sis, you would love it. I want to do it again.

  4. Ice fishing is almost as foriegn to me as speaking Mandarin. Thanks for the pictures and the post. Its like looking into a strange new world.

  5. Beautiful wilderness pictures! Really spectacular! Oh, because you showed and discussed ice fishing...I have got to tell you a it's a "Dad" joke, but it cracks me up EVERYTIME!

    Apologizing in advance by the way! LOL

    How do you catch a polar bear?


    here it comes...

    wait for it!

    You sprinkle peas around the ice. When the polar bear comes to take a pea you kick him in the ice-hole!