What the Hell is it?

 Sharon and I had a great time on our trip today.  One of the places she and I wanted to go was Vulture Mine.  That place was awesome.  You pay $10 and walk around the entire mine on a self guided tour.  We were able to go inside many of the deteriorating buildings, but some had fences around them.  I took tons of pictures and will be sharing them with you in the next couple of posts.  There was one picture that I wanted to share with you now; the one of Sharon, Marty, and myself.  Marty is the owner and was featured on the GA episode at the Vulture Mine giving the boys a tour and interview.  In the picture featured below, there is a dark form almost covering me.  The photo taken right before and after were clear.  I also will post them.
Sharon and I went into debunking mode and tried everything we could to explain what it might be.  We did the hair, strap and string test but none of which looked like the form in the picture.  If it was any of them, the image would have been seen from the top to the bottom of the picture but this image was just in the middle.  So I ask, what the hell is it?  I'm thinking that perhaps it was the spirit of one of the many souls that were buried in the grounds of the mine and wanted to be in our picture.



the hair is barely visible

a string

camera strap
Click on picture to enlarge. You will note that the image does not go to the top of the picture and that the "V" in Vulture Mine is slightly visible. Also note that the color changes from a black to a brownish color. It is not a camera strap. We tried that experiment and they didn't look the same. This image is free-floating.


  1. Hmmm...initially I thought it was part of the camera strap or something seeing as it partially covers you and the "Vulture" part of the sign, but I don't know. I'm not a total whiz with the debunking.

    1. i'd like to say tor and would like tiranrmal inveatigam o know if i cold plan a summer trip so i could investigate with my bro

  2. The attack of the scary camera strap.
    Great pics anyways.

  3. Andrea, we tried to debunk it ourselves but couldn't. We are baffled.

    Max, we thought that too but the image appears to be free floating. Your sweetie tried everything to find a logical conclusion, but couldn't.

  4. Well, I was not in the least expecting phenomena on pics at Vulture Mines. I was really expecting gorgeous pics of a super awesomely creepy place. As Marty got the camera time ready, I looked directly into the lens to smile and there was not a strap in sight. A strap could never explain that, even so, as the blurry thing is opaque in some parts and not others and does not meet the top of the pic. You can even see the top of the V in Vulture Mine. I honestly cannot explain it. After contrasting it and adjusting it with lots of methods, it cannot be debunked. I am putting that one down as phenomena unexplained, or as Ben would say "fact."

  5. the discoloration is transparent.. u can see through it even at it's darkest point.. also it is much wider than it first appears, as the distortion also covers all three of you... and areas to the left. what ever it is.. is not solid and is not all brown.. but also has a haze extending from the darker area... interesting to say the least

  6. Looks like a camera strap at first...then if you look closer the black fades out more and is transparent on the sides...Very interesting Shot...I like how you added your debunking photos..a hair. string, strap....Good Job!!

  7. Spooky cool Sis! I know we should all try to get to the root of things, and y'all obviously did the best you could. Sometimes though, it's just plain nice to know there is NO explanation. Ghost? What not!?!?


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