Friday, January 21, 2011

Zip Lines and Dog Sleds

The ranch had plans for us to spend the two whole days there enjoying some of their activities.  We had a list of things to chose from, and then they picked from our list.  If you didn't like what they picked for you, they were happy to make the change.  Our first day consist of an Adventure Trek in the morning and dog sledding in the afternoon.

After breakfast, we went to the Livery to get our ski bibs and to be driven to the building where the adventure trek would begin.  This trek consists of hiking and riding down 9 zip lines with the longest one over 2,000 feet.  After being fitted with the zip gear, our guides took us to a small line to give us a quick lesson on how to ride the lines.  He had to adjust my ropes because my arms are a bit short and I couldn't keep it straight.  After the 8 of us did a practice run, it was time to fly, and fly we did.  It was amazing, the ride and the scenery.  After doing 6 zip lines we took a break.  I have come to the conclusion that trying to undress in a port-a-potty while it was moving was a much tougher task than the zip lines themselves.  We had three more lines left with the longest one second.  Unfortunately, I stopped short on the next line and the guide had to rescue me.  The poor dear was out of breath, but he managed to get me in.  And then it was time for the big zip line.  I was so nervous to ride it but this was my favorite.  I gave out a big "yahoo" while enjoying the scenery, which was beautiful.  The zip line was a frickin' blast and I am glad that we decided to do it.

After lunch, we went back to the Livery to get ski bibs again to go dog sledding.  We took a ride to the area where the dogs were kept and met up with our guide.  After a quick lesson on what to do, I decided being the rider and taking pictures was best for me.  Gary, along with our guide, drove the sled.  We had so much fun.  My only worry was tipping over and a dog's piss hitting me in the face.  Yep, those dogs can pee on the run.  At one point my hubby flew off the sled before it almost tipped and landed in a snow bank.  He was fine, hopped back on and away we went.  The guide made sure the dogs were rested several times along the route.  At one point we had to stop because there was a porcupine crossing the road ahead of us.  It was a huge beast that moved so slowly.  We didn't want our dogs to get a whiff of him because they would run off the road after it with us following behind.  That wouldn't have been very pretty.  After the porcupine got far enough away from us, we were able to resume.  Most of our dogs turned to check out the fat critter.  We knew they wanted to chase it down but thankfully then didn't.  We got back to the beginning and got to pet the dogs before heading back to the ranch.

Caution: porcupine crossing!


  1. God! I love those pups!!! Sled dogs are my very favorite breed. I love the little soft howl they do like a wolf. It's sooooo cute! They really love what they do. It's in their nature to want to take off. That looks like such an amazing trip. You did all the cool stuff I would want to do--lots of neat experiences to always remember. I love trying new things. I'm scared of heights, but I do want to do a zip line. I also was a daredevil as a kid, so the concept seems awesome! I think I'd deal with it better moving fast.

  2. Sis, one of the ladies with our group has a fear of heights. She wasn't sure about doing the zip lines, but ended up having a great time and she didn't freak out. The view on the top of the mountains was breathtaking. You would have loved it.

  3. Not sure I'd enjoy staring at a pack of dogs' butts for an extended period, but it sounds like a great day.

  4. YAY! SLED DOGS!!! I would have wanted to spend my whole time with them! LOL Yes, husky breeds tend to, umm, pee on themselves and on the least my little mini-husky, Aspen (Alaskan Klee Kai) does! LOL You look like y'all had a blast! Gives me an idea for a fun winter trip in the future!

  5. Zoe, it was a blast!

    Sucio, I was worried about the back two dogs that were closest to me. The one dog kept peeing while she was in full sprint. I kept my mouth shut.

    Tara, those dogs were just beautiful and as sweet as can be. Some of the male dogs got a bit restless because three of the females were in heat. I'm just glad the boy dogs behaved themselves, lol.

  6. Sounds like you had fun. I so want to go dog sledding someday.