Saturday, February 19, 2011

Highway 89

Between Wickenburg and Prescott, Arizona, is highway 89. If you start in Wickenburg, the scenery looks more like the Sonoran Desert with large saguaro cactus spotting the landscape. Along the way as you drive towards Prescott, you run into the tiny ghost town of Congress. To find their old west cemetery, you have to drive off the highway on to a dirt road and into the desert. We saw a sign pointing towards the Congress ghost town, but we never found it.

Back on highway 89 and on to Prescott, you pass a few small towns. The scenery changes from a desert, to farming country, to breathtaking green as far as the eye can see while driving up the winding road in the mountains. As you get near Prescott, it becomes a wooded area. While we were moving along in the mountains, three deer decide run across the highway in front of us. We didn’t have our cameras ready, so we missed out on a great opportunity. Those deer were hauling ass and would not stop to pose for our cameras. You better believe we were camera ready after that, but of course, it didn’t happen again.

The next day, we felt lucky because it was snowing. With us being from Phoenix, that was a rare sight. We did have some concerns that the highway might be icy, but by the time we left, it had cleared up.

The drive home was even more beautiful, if that was possible. The green mountain scenery was dusted with snow with fog hiding the mountain tops. There were patches of snow along the highway and sadly a couple of memorials.

One of the places we wanted to check out was the “Brand New Dead Things” store in Yarnell. We didn’t see it on the way up, but with my new GPS we found it on our drive home. Unfortunately the place was closed because it was a Monday. Next time we will have to make the trip on a weekend.

My yummy chimichanga.  LOL, it tasted much
better than it looks.

weird print we saw near the Congress cemetery

Hard to tell but it looks like some sort of mine equipment.

on the road again...

Some of the weird things we saw along the way.

Sharon taking pictures.

If you are cruising around Arizona and looking at the sites, take the trek on highway 89 and enjoy the view. Don’t forget to stop in Wickenburg for a Chimichanga to fill your tummies first.


  1. how big was that print in the dirt? and i love the gift shop sign "home of brand new dead things" lol

  2. Hey Sandra;
    You know, I'm pretty certain it was a jackrabbit with its hind legs and forepaws. It was probably 8 inches max in length when you take in the double prints that made it. The other prints were about 2 feet apart looking the same. A friend thought it was a deer, but deer don't leave one print every 2 feet or so directly in front of each other. Unless they're tight rope walkers...

    You know, Julie, after taking that route up to Prescott, I don't think I'd ever take boring I-17 again!

  3. Sandra;
    Like Sharon said it was probably one big jackrabbit. We wanted to go into that shop, but like in many small towns, they are only opened on the weekends.

    I know, interstate 17's desert view doesn't compair to the one we got on highway 89. Although, Sunset Point on I-17 does have a beautiful view.