Vulture Mine: Part One

One of the places I really wanted to visit was Vulture Mine near Wickenburg, Arizona.  It had all the elements that intrigued me; ghosts and abandoned buildings.  I heard stories from others who were lucky enough to investigate the place at night and their experiences with the many spirits that have lived and died on the grounds of the mine.  Their stories gave me chills.  I was glad to hear that Sharon wanted to go there too.  When we planned a trip at the end of January, we both agreed that Vulture Mine would be one of our stops.  We were even more certain that it was a place for us to check out after watching the episode of Ghost Adventures and seeing the experiences they went through.  I did a post on Vulture Miner's history and some of that eppy:

After hitting Wickenburg, we drove down Vulture Mine Road to find the entrance to the mine.  We entered the gate down the dirt road to find the parking lot.  We walked through a small iron gate to a rustic wood building with a sign on top that said, "Vultures Roost".  In the dirt yard and on the chain link fence were all sorts of rustic and wood items, and various types of stones.  We were greeted by an elderly woman, Roma Hagan, who owned the place with her hubby, Marty.  Marty is somewhat of a celebrity now since he was featured on Ghost Adventures showing the boys around the place and giving them stories about its violent history.  We told Marty that we wanted a picture with him before we left and he gladly complied.

Vultures Roost


After paying our $10 each, we walked through the wood entrance sign on our self-guided tour, and was greeted by Olive, the mine's donkey.  Along the dirt path and off to the right, we saw the Glory Hole where seven miners snuck into it at night to steal gold but met with death instead.  Marty feels they still haunt the area.  We had to walk down a dirt path to get to the buildings and were wondering what we were going to see.  As soon as the Assay building was in site, we felt like many eyes were watching us and it wasn't the live humans walking around taking pictures.  These eyes were from the many souls that died on the grounds and were buried right where they dropped.  With all those eyes peering up from the ground, we were thankful that we had pants on and not a skirt.

Glory Hole

Assay Office

Sharon asked me which building did I get a bad feeling from and I immediately said the Assay Office.  I felt like someone or something was watching us from inside.  The building was in such bad shape, they had a fence around it.  That was one building we really wanted to go inside, investigate, take pictures and videos.  That dilapidated building was intriguing and eerie.  I can't explain it but I couldn't stop staring into the dark windows and taking many pictures of the place.  To me, that was one fascinating building.

Next, we went to the Bordello where Mexican Rita once entertained the miners.  Many have reported seeing shadows and hearing voices in this building.  We were able to go inside.  This tiny place had a bedroom, living area and a kitchen.  The kitchen is where Sharon was able to get a reading on the ceramic sink.


Hum, they drank Bud Light and smoked
Camel cigarettes back then?

After the Bordello, we headed over to a larger building for which one part of it was completely destroyed.  This building had a room that appeared to be a mess hall.  Inside were a couple of rusty wood burning stoves, shelves with old pots, pans, silverware, and can foods (I wouldn't want to see what was inside those cans).  In another room were an interesting old cabinet and a small room with a rusty metal bed frame and little wood chair.  We spent some time in that building because there was so much to see.

The next building I saw had deteriorated from the harsh elements.  I just took some pictures of what was left and moved on to the build next to it.  Even though it didn't have a fence around the perimeter of the structure, we chose not to go inside.  It didn't look safe.

From the distance we could see the Bell Mill power plant and machine shop.  It was a short hike to get there and we walked by the mines along the way.  There were many rusty mining objects lying all around the area where the mine was located.  (The rest of our Vulture Mine experience will be in part two, including the weird picture we took with Marty.)

Power Plant, Machine Shop, and Jail

LOOK, I found gold!!!

the mine

mine entrance


  1. Those were some really awesome pics!

  2. Thanks Zoe; that places is a photographers dream.

  3. Fantastic sis! They really captured the experience. That was a blast. I'm definitely planning on going back!

  4. Sis, I took so many pictures there that I had to split up the post. You really need to take your son and squeeze there. They would love it!

  5. That was a great virtual tour! Thanks so much!


  6. FQ, thanks... part two of Vulture Mine will either be up tomorrow or Friday. The place was amazing!

  7. The School Houses are another hike on the OTHER of the parking lot....They are both in really good shape.

    Vulture is a great piece of living history!
    Great places to hike around before the snakes come out!!

    Debe Branning

  8. Thanks Debe, I made the corrections. We plan to go back and hopefully see the school house.

  9. Wow! I can't decide which pic is my favorite...ok, well, I do REALLY love Olive! This is a place that I am putting on me and the Beau's list of places to visit! Thanks for taking me there in the time being!

  10. Tara; if you want to see Vulture Mine, don't forget your two AZ sisters who would love to join you. Have your camera ready, you will be taking so many photos.

  11. Arizona is so awesome b/c it has places like this! Very cool pics - especially the one of the rocking chair.

  12. Great pictures. Thank you for posting those. I actually toured around here today and forgot to bring a camera. It sounds weird, but I'm madly in love with the bordello (isn't it remarkable that those places seem to stand up better than any others?).


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