Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Aura

While in Sedona, Sharon wanted me to get my aura picture taken.  After parking her car, we jumped the puddles and tried not to slip in ice (which I did later on) and walked into the Center for the New Age to check it out.  In a back room, I sat on a couch and thought happy thoughts of my granddaughter while she snapped the picture.  She took turns reading each of our pictures and this is what she got from mine:

I am a problem solver and peacemaker.  The Indigo color shows that I have healing ability, kindness, reticence, seriousness, caution and integrity.  The Turquoise means loving, healing aspect of the heart, generosity of life, a reacher with lots of energy surrounding me.  The white represents spirituality, oneness and I am protected by angels.  That color blends with the turquoise color.

As she was reading my picture, I couldn't believe how much of who I am was being told back to me.  I found the whole experience interesting.


  1. She soooo nailed you! She's quite good. I've had that woman do my readings before and I was hoping she was in that day. She had us both pegged to perfection. Remember, to pamper yourself--she told you that's important.

  2. She did seem to have the right information and nailed my personality to perfection. That was fun! Now to go out and pamper myself.

  3. You have a beautiful Aura. Always felt that way, but now you got the pic to prove it. Very neat!