Monday, April 25, 2011

That Darn Buzzard

While cruising the back roads in Black Canyon City, we had a buzzard that appeared to be following us.  We stopped the car and tried to get pictures and a video but he wasn't cooperating.  He finally flew away and got bored of the crazy human ladies.


  1. Don't they normally follow people that should be dying soon, so they can feed on your corpse?

    I'd be worried, if I were you...

  2. GORGEOUS pics of the desert in spring. Another job well done, Adsila! And lol re your buzzard. I like the ones you got of him soaring nonetheless. NEAT STUFF!

  3. That bird had me stopping the car every few feet. I wondered if we left the dead body on the top of the car. I told you to remove it, sis! Hee hee