Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trip Plans Changed

Mother Nature has a way of spoiling your plans.  We had all intentions to do the entire cemetery crawl but the nasty weather put a halt to our plans.  We started out at the cemetery in Mayer, AZ waiting for the three teams participating in the race to show up.  We gave them their next clues after they found the headstones they were assigned to find.  Sharon and I nearly froze our butts off because of the snow and chilly wind.  Our next stop was to be Flagstaff but the Arizona Highway Department closed I-17 which took us there and routed us through Sedona.  The only way to get to Flagstaff from there is on a small two-lane highway which winds up the mountain.  Since it was still snowing quite a bit, we decided to wait it out in Sedona until it stopped.  Well, that didn't happen, the snow kept falling.  Sharon and I ended up staying there and had to bow out of cemetery crawl.  We both love Sedona and haven't seen it in the snow.  The red rocks looked so beautiful.  We took lots of pictures of the cemetery in Mayer, the snowy red mountains in Sedona and a few other places we found on our trip back to Phoenix.  I will be posting them throughout the week.

On Tuesday, I will be posting another giveaway from the items I bought in Sedona.  Be looking for that, be sure to comment and add your name to my followers if you haven't already.  Also, I plan to have an UFO themed giveaway in May.


  1. You just can't fight Mother Nature. :\

    I look forward to the continuation of your trip at another time.

    The image of the snow is pretty, though, even though it messed up your plans.


  2. DIGY80's; you would love Sedona. Your honey will have to take you there sometime.

    Lois; as usual I took many pictures. I haven't seen the redrocks of Sedona with snow on them so I went snap-happy with my camera.

    iZombie; she sure is. I can go years and not see snow in person but this year I have seen and felt it snow three times. That is a record for me, lol.

  3. Wow. It is hard for me to imagine snow at this time of year. We were at the pool this weekend. I'm sorry it ruined your trip! The cemetery crawl sounds fun.

  4. Jessica; we are usually enjoying the pool by now too. It was cold and rainy in Phoenix and snowing everywhere else. The damn groundhog lied!

  5. We had some crazy Hail here today in Maine...then we had 70's temps..."Wicked Warm" for us....Thanks for your comments on my dolls...

    SpOOky Dreams

  6. It goes without saying, sis, that you and I manage to have fun no matter what happens on our road trips. We just go with the flow and find adventure.

  7. adele; there was crazy weather all over the country. Phoenix was one of the coldest cities on Saturday which is very rare.

    Sis; we set out with some sort of plan and never know what is going to happen. This time ending up in Sedona turned out to be a fun time.