Monday, April 4, 2011

What's Up Next for Me?

Smells like a Hershey bar.
The last time I wrote a post was about the ugly mass on my face.  It turned out to be basal cell cancer.  The big “C” is a tough thing to hear you have, but if you are to get skin cancer, this is the one to get.  The basal cancer is confined to the area and doesn’t spread or attack your cells like the other types of skin cancer do.  Since this is on my face and near my nose, my doctor recommended a plastic surgeon.  I have an appointment on Friday for my consultation.  I also have another mass near my hairline and under the frames of my glasses.  I forgot to show my doctor this one because I frequently see it and it is out of sight, out of mind.  I will have the surgeon check it out and remove it as well.  I am nervous about the surgery, but just want the cancer off my face.  I will see if he can remove the bags under my eyes while he at it, lol.  I will update everyone after I talk with the doc.

On a good note, Sharon and I are taking another trip.  We wish ya’ll (I sound like my sis, lol) could come with us.  We are helping with the cemetery crawl that our friend Debe Branning puts on every year.  I haven’t done this before but have expressed interest in doing so.  We get to wait at the contestants’ first cemetery stop and make sure they find the right headstone.  After they all check in, we get to head off to Holbrook where we will be spending the night in a teepee.  Hey, if it is good enough for Oprah, it is good enough for us.  Besides, I hear there are ghost roaming around those teepees and in the city of Holbrook.  I hope they are up for making an appearance.  That would be fantastic.  The next day, we have another cemetery to wait at and then it is off to the finish line.  We plan to take lots of pictures and photos of the race and any other places we see along the way.  Look for my “Route 66” giveaway.  I will be shopping along the way to buy fun things to giveaway to all my fab followers.
At the end of April is my hubby and mine’s 30th wedding anniversary.  We decided to take a 3 day, 3 night trip to Sedona and stay at a cottage near the river that flows through Oak Creek Canyon.  We plan to spend a day in Jerome, a night on a UFO tour, another day checking out petroglyphs and Native American ruins, shopping, and sightseeing at all the other places that this unique city has to offer.  I will be taking tons of pictures and posting about our experiences (not all the experiences, teehee).

May is going to be a big month too.  Not only is our first born grandchild going to be two, but we will be grandparents again.  My son and his wife are expecting a baby on May 6th.  Along with my family getting larger, Sharon and I have a couple of trips planned too. 

I can’t wait…..


  1. I hope your surgery goes well. The big "C" sure can be scary!

  2. Ya'll come back now! love you sis!

  3. You got a lot going on coming up! Again, so sorry about the cancer, but as you put it at least it was a good kind to get. (Which sounds weird. That's what they told me about the kind of lymphoma I had. "If you're going to get a cancer, this is a good one to get..." There were a couple of times they said this to me as I was having a pain flare and I wanted to punch them but I was doubled over hurting so bad so I couldn't!) Anyway, have fun with all of the things you have going on. Also, I liked your sense of humor. If you still have that, you've got everything!!!!

  4. Hey sis! I'm positive you will be ok. Like I said, it turned out to be more of a pain in the arse than anything major. It's gone now and the other masses will be too! Then the plastic surgeon will just make sure, and he better, that your beautiful face is just like it was before!

    I am so jealous of you and Sharon's fun! LOL In a good way though! I wish there were some groups like that around here that I could do a cemetery crawl with. That could be a lot of fun! Anyway...take lots of pics! Oh, and congrats on your 30th! That is awesome!

    Love and Hugs,
    Little Sis - T

  5. Hope all goes well! Sounds like you've got a busy schedule ahead of you!
    Oh, and it's spelled "y'all", not "ya'll". It's a contraction for "you all", and it's ALWAYS and ONLY used as a plural. Southerners are proneto snicker at non-Southerners who "try and" use it as a singular. :)
    (this lesson in Southern 101 brought to by your friendly neghborhood Monster Hunter)
    And about the pic, "Ewwwwwww!"

  6. This is a happy time for my sis! I so thrilled to be sharing it with you -- 2011 rocks! Plus, you'll get amazing photos on the trip and I'll get crazy vids.

  7. Lois; I'm a bit scared about the surgery but will feel better (I am sure) after meeting the surgeon.

    Hi sis!

    Courtney; I have to keep my sense of humor or I will go crazy, lol. Thanks for your sweet words.

    Little Sis-T; we are still waiting for you to visit and take some road trips with us. There are lots of places we will visit and get tons of pictures.

    Gummer; thanks dear, lol. I am sure Paula Deen would be upset at me not writing y'all correctly. BTW, it was a Hershey bar in the diaper. Can I offer you some chocolate?

    Little Sis-A; I can't believe we will go from 100 degrees to needing to bundle up in Holbrook. No wonder everyone is getting sick. I am excited for this trip just like all of our trips.

  8. I hope everything goes well. I'm very sorry about the cancer. I know that must be terrifying. I'm glad you have a good friend there to keep you busy with wonderful activities to keep your mind off things and Congrats on your 30th and your growing family!

  9. Shhhhhh....don't post the finish line or any locations for is a SECRET!!!


  10. Jessica; I am glad that I have good friends and a wonderful family to be by my side. I am glad that the cemetery crawl is this weekend, I need the distraction.

    Debe; oops, I'm bad. The location of the finish line has been removed. See ya on Saturday!

  11. i'm so behind on my blog reading and i just read this. wishing that all goes well with your surgery. i'll keep you in my prayers.