Josiah: Undead Cowboy

Yahoo, Sharon is out with another book.  This fictional story is part of a series she has titled, "Midnight Arroyo".  If you love her blog Ghost Hunting Theories and the amazing way she writes, then be sure to download to Kindle ( or Nook ( her latest novella, "Josiah: Undead Cowboy".  For only $.99 you can add this old west story of an undead cowboy to your collection.  You can also download Kindle to your PC's, iphones, ipads, Blackberries, and Droids.

Check out Josiah's blog:

How did the cowboy get to this point? One day Josiah was an anonymous cowpoke in a gold rush town, the next day he was undead. Was there anyway he could end his eternity in the Arizona desert? The answers were deep inside an abandoned gold mine where the Spirit of the Gold and his ghoulish minions resided. As the self-proclaimed guardian of the ghost town filled with ghosts, Josiah walks the line between dead and alive. When the cowboy tries to protect a woman from the ghouls, it becomes apparent that she might have more to fear from him. This 25,000 word, 7-chapter novella is the first in a series of western twists on horror classic themes, a series entitled “Midnight Arroyo.”


  1. Thanks sis! I'm working on book 2 now (zombies) and I'm having a blast with it! This is really a culmination of inspirations from all the road trips we take. So, now we need to plan another one to inspire perhaps werewolves...

  2. Perhaps a trip to the White Mountains and Greer might inspire your werewolf story. Those places are nice to go to in the summer when we start melting from the extremely high heat in the valley.


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