Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bugs Family

The jackrabbit was just relaxing by this grave at the Double Buttes Cemetery.


  1. I hope I have a guardian bunny at my gravesite when I die.

    Nobody's going to be messing with THAT headstone!!

  2. It was so cute. He wouldn't budge! What's so weird is that the cemetery is plagued with jackrabbits, but this regular fellow is happy there too. I wonder if they interbreed? What does that create? Well, I'm guessing no a jackolope!

  3. LiI; we should all have a Bugs protecting us in our final resting place. They are badass!

    Sis; next time we go, we need to look for the elusive jackolope. Those little bastards are out there somewhere and we will find them.... muhahaha!