Where Will Bigfoot Go?

I need a home.
There is a huge fire consuming our White Mountains in northeastern Arizona.  Many of the small towns are being evacuated.  So far only 4 cabins have been destroyed with many others in danger.  I don't know where all the critters who live in the White Mountains will now live, this includes the elusive beast, Bigfoot.  The White Mountains have had numerous sightings of the hairy beast for many years and even today.  Perhaps Bigfoot can seek refuge with their cousins in Flagstaff.  If you know anyone with an extra room and would like to take in a Bigfoot until he can relocate, it would be greatly appreciated.  He may be a bit messy but is very strong and would be helpful with many chores around the house.  You may have to watch your plants, floors, ceilings and walls, but it is a small price to pay to enjoy the company of a Bigfoot.

I joke about Bigfoot but watching the fire destroy my state is very sad.  I have all my fellow Zonies in my thoughts and prayers.



  1. Yeah, I'd take him in if he could clear my ceilings. I'm vegetarian, so he might like that. The White Mountains from Rodeo fire onward have had a damned hard time and we haven't even hit late June when they get dry lightning before monsoon. Those special pinion pines are going to be ruined again and it's pretty damn sad! Here's hoping for rain in June (I guess I should wish for Kim Kardashian to leave E TV, but I suspect they both have the same chances).

  2. We have nice high ceilings but since this is a rental, I'm not sure our home's owners would approve. Maybe one of the lodges in Flagstaff will take some of them in. Also I agree, it will be a cold day in hell before we finally see no more of Kim Kardashian on E. She is all over the place, geez!

  3. Is that like "What Would Jesus Do?"

    W.W.B.G. (Doesn't he GO in the woods, like the bears do?)

  4. Bubba, I imagine he does go in the woods like the bears unless he has his own toilet... ha ha!

  5. You never know - we got the idea for plumbing somewhere.

    (I can see the headline now: Research Team discovers new evidence of Bigfoot's bathroom graffiti!)

  6. Hum, those big hairy beasts are much smarter than I suspected. Not only do they know how to elude the humans and their cameras, but they know about plumbing too. Perhaps I should rethink about having him spend a couple of days with us until he can find other woods to live in.

  7. I hear he likes Cottonelle...it's sooooft!

  8. Those fires are just awful... been checking the reports a few times a day.

    In other news, I suddenly NEED to watch Harry & the Hendersons.


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