Stella: A Zombie Housewife

Stella before becoming a zombie letting her hair down and not wearing her pearls.

Stella's house before the apocalypes.

She was a typical 1950’s housewife who kept a meticulous home.  On the outside the lawn was manicured as well as the bushes.  Her house must have the perfect curb appeal.  Inside there was no place for dust and her floors were so clean you could eat off them.  She always had her hair done just right, not a hair out of place with a bow made out of ribbon on top.  Her dress was ironed with not a wrinkle in site and pearls adorned her neck.  Her husband was a hard worker affording Stella and the children a wonderful life.  Keeping her children cleaned as well as the house, doing laundry and making a luxurious dinner every night was a full time job for Stella but she loved her life.  Her only complaint was living next door to her lush of a sister-in-law Liz.  She put up with Liz and her antics for her husband who loved his little sister.

The toxin storm rolling in.

The heavy fog of toxins.
She doesn’t remember much of that day.  The sky got dark and a fog rolled in.  The chemical bombs were coming in fast and furious.  No one could hide from them.  The winds picked up carrying the heavy toxins throughout the land.  Everyone’s body were absorbing the poisons and for some reason adjusting to breathing it in.  People were no longer alive but now started living an undead existence.  The ones who did survive and didn’t turn into zombies became prisoners.  They were farmed out to various places and became food for many zombie feasts.

Stella continued to try and keep a clean home.  Her house which once had a beautiful lawn and plants now stands barren.  Most of the walls are missing from her home which also has no roof.  She sweeps the dusty floors, puts dead branches in her flower vases and now enjoys Frosted Fingers for breakfast. The pearls still adorn her neck, the bow is still on her now disheveled hair and her dress is dirty but still ironed.  Her husband goes to work but now it is hunting people for food.  Her children enjoy people’s brains the most.  Unfortunately her sister-in-law is still around.  Liz still loves her Bloody Mary, but now she drinks real blood from women named Mary.  Stella continues with her daily routines as if nothing happened and has adjusted well to being a zombie housewife.
Stella's living room.

Her basement door.  I wonder what is in there?

Stella's bathroom.

Having her Frosted Fingers for breakfast.

Keeping up with the house cleaning.

Adorning the house with sticks in bloody water.
Stella's favorite tree along her driveway.

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  1. Stella seems like a pretty awesome zombie housewife.

  2. Yummy yummy frosted fingers! :D

  3. Stella is a role-model for zombie housewives everywhere!

  4. The perfect 50's zombie housewife. Very nice.

  5. Zombilicious!

    For some reason, I'm reminded of Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire yelling, "Stella!"

  6. Oh, that Stella! She is soooo stubborn. She won't let a nasty toxic apocalypse bother her housewife duties!

  7. Love it. Can't wait for the book.

  8. I LOVE STELLA! I will def buy the book too. I already got your other books w/Sharon. Loved em.

    My fave was the sticks in bloody water..lmao..I just bought 2 of those diffuser's last night but they smell like Pumpkin Spice & Fresh Linen..lolz..


  9. The pics look great, man that bathroom reminds me of the one that CGBG's use to have. Fantastic job :)

  10. Still keeping the house clean, love it. Best of luck with the book

  11. Such a great story..and such cool graphics too.

  12. that's quite a 'neat' house she is keeping there... :oD


  13. Awesome story and i particularly like the photo's! Say...does Stella have a sister? ;-p

  14. Love the photos. Especially the Frosted Fingers one!

  15. Nicely written story! The bathroom photo is the scariest part of this. :)

  16. Wow, this is such a great makeover! O_o Great job! :)


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