Terror in the Corn Maze

We had way too much fun running around in the dark corn maze at Schnepf Farms.  Here is one of the crazy videos I made with my night vision camera.  I still need to work out the bugs when using it.  I forgot to shut it off midway through, but it just shows what crazy fun ladies we are, haha!


  1. Haha! OK, so I'm sitting here laughing even though I have no idea what was going on! I liked when that bird (or whatever) squawked and one of you yelled "What the hell!?" :)

  2. I see you and The Human forgot to take me on a trip again! It's just as well. I am often mistaken for a scarecrow in such places. BTW, my word verification is "fuctis"

  3. While the night vision camera is very cool, it feels like you could do much more than shoot corn with it. Like something that rhymes with corn. On second thought, don't.

  4. Very funny. It looks as if you girls had a great time.

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  6. OH I am SOOOOO jealous! (a) because you have a night vision camera, and (b) because your corn maze the corn was actually tall! The vid was neat. You could see the shape of the person running across right before your narration described that. Then you could see their eyes right before they jumped out. I was laughing along with you girls as I watched. How fun!!!!

  7. Looks like ya'll had an awesome time. I'm too pregnant to run through mazes right now, but watching your video reminded me of how much fun they are!

  8. Justine; it was a bird and a monkey. We had all kinds of things running around the maze...haha.

    Dale; it was best you stay home and take care of Skittles and Hellspawn. I hope you all behaved.

    Beer; tisk, tisk dude...haha!

    Vivienne; we did have fun. We were just our silly selves.

    Prasetyo; thanks for stopping by and commenting. I will check out your blog too.

    Courtney; we were excited to try out our cameras in the dark corn maze. I love the effect it had on the thick corn stalk and our eyes. It made our eyes glow whick gave it an eerie look.

    Jessica; there were several very pregnant ladies in the corn maze. I am sure they had trouble walking around. Corn mazes are fun especially if you go with the right people.


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