Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It Feels Like Winter

I live in a desert city west of Phoenix.  Just a few months ago the weather was breaking heat records at 110 degrees for many consecutive days.  The humidity, which is normally low, was higher making it feel like we were melting.  It would go from extreme hot to a very nice 70 degree winter.  This was normal for my city, no falls or springs, just winter and long summers, but things are changing.

It had been a few years since I seen snow which was normal.  This year was going to be different.  My husband won a contest for an all expense paid trip to a Montana ranch.  This trip would be in mid January and in the dead of winter.  We were a bit worried because we didn't have heavy winter clothes and might freeze our asses off.  We found out when we got there they have provided us with all the clothing we needed to keep warm as part of the winners package. (Us and 100 other couples.)  Needless to say there was snow on the ground everywhere and the day before we had to leave, it snowed even more.  Breathing was difficult but the scenery was beautiful.  I didn't know it but more snow was in my future for 2011.

Sharon and I planned a trip to Vulture Mine and then Prescott at the end of January.  We booked a room at a haunted hotel in Prescott and did some experiments to draw out the ghosts.  The next day, we awoke to it snowing.  We became giddy girls, grabbed our cameras, and ran outside the hotel to take pictures.  We were worried the ride home might be difficult, but the snow just stayed in Prescott.  This was the second time seeing it snow in one year, but that wasn't it.

Back at home, we were experiencing freeze warnings.  This was not normal to have these warnings in the big ol' desert city, but the temps did drop to the teens.  It was so cold, it snowed on the mountains near my house.  Score, more snow.  I grabbed my camera and took off in my car to take pictures of this rare site.  My goodness, this has turned out to be a snowy year for me and it wasn't over yet.

Sharon and I decided to help our friend in her annual event called, The Cemetery Crawl.  It was similar to Amazing Race where the contestants would get clues which lead them to their next destination.  We would be at one of those places to make sure all the participants checked in and got their next clue.  After they all left, we would head off to our next check point.  That was what we had planned but Mother Nature had her own plans, she made it snow.  It was April, spring, and we thought the weather was going to be wonderful heading to Flagstaff, but we were wrong.  We never made it to Flagstaff and got stuck in Sedona.  We didn't feel it was a bad thing being trapped in Sedona while the city was experiencing the unusual snowy weather.  It was almost magical seeing the snow on the red rocks and it turned out the be a great trip.

Now it is November and we are getting freeze warnings.  I don't know if I am going to see anymore snow this year, but I am looking forward to the colder weather and having another winter experience.


  1. I have to say when the days are in the 50s/60s and there are heavy dark gray clouds and it's moist outside, I come to life and feel like hiking and living outside. I have never felt more alive. Just another reason I belong in Oregon.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I hope you don't freeze your ass off. It feels like Spring here in Indiana. 70 degrees. The weather can't seem to make up it's mind what it wants to do.

    Stay warm!

  3. I love all of these pictures, especially the one with the grave with snow on it! I need to head up north this winter to see some snow.

  4. The weather in Utah is horrible. We only have like 2 months of Summer and the rest Winter. We rarely, rarely get a Spring and a Fall.

    We do have four season though. It's not quite Winter, barely Winter, Winter and road construction. :)

  5. I enjoy living in an area with (generally!) four separate seasons. Winter is wonderful when the snow is piled up, you can't get out; and there's plenty of wood for the fireplace!

    Beautiful photos as always, and hoping you get to enjoy more snow this year!