Me, Black Friday, and Toys R Us

Here we are, the infamous “Black Friday”. On this day, people with glazed eyes armed with ads get up in the middle of night to wait in lines in hopes to get that huge bargain. I used to be one of these people when my kids and I were much younger. Nowadays, I pull out my credit card, pull up the chair behind the computer and commence shopping online. This year will be a bit different; the credit card is now a pre-paid card to control spending.

I have all kinds of recollections of shopping with the other crazies, but my most memorable time on black Friday was at Toys R Us back in the 90’s. The night before I had my ads ready with all the items I wanted circled. I went to bed and set the alarm to 4:00am because the store opened at 5:00am. I was going to get there before the store opened and be ready to shop. I was dressed warm with my sneakers on and headed off. When I got there, I was surprised to see the long line which had already formed. I found the end and waited my turn.

Once I got in and grabbed a shopping cart, I entered the store to wall-to-wall people. You could not move and the isles were not visible. I proceed to find my items I circled trying to maneuver my cart through the bodies. People were wandering around like zombies. At a slow pace, I finally made my way to the first item. I don’t know how many times I said “excuse me” as I navigated my shopping cart through the crowd. I managed to get everything I went there for and headed towards the cashier. The lines were so long that I got to know the lady in front of me. An hour or so later, we exchanged numbers and finally it was time to pay. I made my way out the store, took a breath and headed home.

That was a crazy experience I will never forget. I have shopped on “Black Friday” since, but I now go a bit later. It has been awhile since needing to go to Toys R Us. My kids are all grown up, but now I have two granddaughters and I will start all over again. At least the stores are much more organized to handle the massive crowds.

I am training my Granddaughter to Black Friday shop.
She is going big.  I am so proud.


  1. I think your granddaughter will be a marvelous Black Friday shopper. I'm doing it today in my jammies. ;)

  2. I do my shopping on Amazon. I love Amazon! I either have it shipped to the family member or sent to me and I wrap it up. So nice. In fact, I'm pretty much done with my shopping already.

  3. I've been the guy unlocking the door on Black Friday --- holy crap!

  4. Lois, she has been shopping since the day she was born. This girl is ready.

    Sis, I like Amazon and will be doing some of my shopping there as well. Lucky you being done. I haven't started yet.

    Barry, poor baby. Tonight, put your feet up, have a drink or two, and curl up with a good book.

  5. So if you're training the granddaughter to shop during Black Friday, you're teaching her how to throw elbows and block punches from angry old women that will hit you for taking the last box on the shelf, right?

  6. I can't handle black friday shopping. It terrifies me. Your granddaughter is much braver than I am.

  7. Beer, you bet I am teaching her everything. She has to be able to handle herself with all the crazy peeps out there.

    Jessica, she doesn't know any better yet.... haha!

  8. We don't have Black Friday, but the Boxing Day Sale is just as crazy. I have never experienced it though. I admire the tenacity of hardcore bargain hunters, but the crowds would freak me out... and would probably make me a tad cranky too! Haha.

  9. No black friday for me. I would rather stay in the safety of my own home and shop on-line. i think people go overboard with Christmas shopping.

  10. I would rather be eaten by zombies than deal with the hell that is Black Friday!

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