2011 Ghost and Bigfoot Hunts


One of the things we wanted to do this year was a planned and organized ghost hunt.  Our goal was to investigate in a place where those TV ghost hunters had great experiences and evidence of paranormal activity and ghosts still hanging around.  That place was the Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone, AZ.  In May of 2011, seven of us spent three hours in the dark walking around, asking question, and hoping the spirits who still reside there would let us know they are hanging around.  We had a great time and felt like we were being watched by many unseen eyes.  Here are some links to posts I did on the Bird Cage and our hunt there:


Another place we wanted to investigate was the old jail in Globe, AZ.  This was the place where Sharon saw her first full-bodied apparition.  She wanted to see if that same ghost would appear to her a few years later.  I was just very excited about getting inside this historic jail and doing a ghost hunt.  This time there was four of us doing the investigation.  It was a bit warm inside on this hot July night, but walking around in the creepy building it wasn't too noticeable.  In certain areas of the place we felt like we were not alone.  The place was awesome and I can't wait to do another ghost hunt there.  Here are links to my posts about that hunt and the jail:

If you ever spend the night in Globe, I suggest you stay at the Noftsger Hill Inn.  This bed & breakfast used to be a school house where little children ghosts have been seen and heard in the rooms and halls.  We had interesting experiences while staying in room 3.  This room is huge, the size of a classroom complete with chalkboard.  The windows line one wall and are almost floor to ceiling size.  We heard a child speaking, had our KII's go crazy, heard loud unexplained banging, and had a Barbie doll move on its own.  The place is definitely worth the stay.  Here are some of posts on the place and our experience:


Ghosts are not the only things we wanted to hunt.  We are interested in finding the big fella too.  In October of 2011, we finally got a chance to see if we could make contact with him or her.  We ended up staying in a cabin in Flagstaff in an area where there had been several Bigfoot sightings.  The days were so nice and cool but the nights got a bit cold.  After driving around in the day to find the perfect spot to begin the hunt, we ended up hiking on a trail nearby.  Damn, the forests gets so black in the dark.  At one point while taking a break and staring up at the stars looking for UFO's, we felt like something was watching in the darkness.  It was a very creepy feeling.  We didn't see BF that night but had fun on our first hunt.  Here are links to that experience:


  1. i would love to stay in that old sschool house. Sounds like it would be a spooky good time. Hope you catch Big Foot in 2012.

  2. It is a very fun place to stay at. The hostess is lovely and the place is haunted. The perfect mix...

    We are hoping to Bigfoot hunt with a group that has done it many times before. I will report on it if we do.

  3. VERY cool! What a fun recap, Adsila!

  4. You know what's funny, sis? That's only a tiny portion of what happened in 2011! Hold on to your hat--2012 will double it!

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