Arizona Rangers

In 1901, because of all the gambling, prostitution, cattle rustling, copper and silver mining in the Arizona Territory, the Arizona Rangers were formed to keep things under control.  The territory was known as one of the last Wild West places, with many outlaws and lawmen drawn to the allure the desert had to give.  The densely populated towns, especially near the Mexico border, were inhabited with outlaws and the territory became inundated with corruption.

The Arizona Rangers were a group of skilled horsemen, trackers, marksmen, which consisted of a Captain, one Sergeant, and 12 Rangers.  Patterned after the Texas Rangers, these accomplished men were armed with the best horse and weapons to round up the unruly outlaws.

After 7 ½ years in operation, and after 107 men served with the rangers, the Arizona Rangers were broken up.  “On February 15, 1909, the Arizona legislature repealed the act establishing the Arizona Rangers. The vote to disband was vetoed by the Territorial Governor, but was overridden by assembly because of political pressure from county sheriffs and district attorneys in northern Arizona.”

In 1957, a group formed as a non-profit corporation was called the Arizona Rangers.  Today the Arizona Rangers are unpaid volunteers, and work with law enforcement officials and officers.  They also offer community service and work with the youth.  


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