Buffalo Bill Cody

He gained fame for his Wild West shows and was also an American soldier as well as a buffalo hunter.  He was born William Frederick Cody on February 26, 1846 in Iowa Territory.  As a youngster, his family moved from Iowa to Canada, and then to Kansas in 1853.  At the tender age of eleven, he worked as an ox-team driver, and by 14 he was a pony express rider.  Later, in 1867, Cody succeeded in becoming a buffalo hunter where he was given the moniker of “Buffalo Bill”.  It is told that he sought after and killed over 4,000 buffalo.  Cody also served in the U.S. Army as a scout and earned the Medal of Honor for his service.  He was an important figure in the U.S. expansion west and waged war in 16 battles against Native Americans.

Buffalo Bill Cody saw how interested people were in live shows with a Wild West theme.  He planned the cowboy shows and even employed talent such as Annie Oakley.  He took these shows to Europe, Great Britain, and all over the United States.   The shows became as famous as the man himself.  In 1896, Cody founded the town of Cody, Wyoming and was instrumental in the success of the settlement by using his money for an elaborate irrigation system, funding businesses, and mines.  He is remembered today in the town with his name sake and places such as the Buffalo Bill Historical Centre, The Buffalo Bill Dam, and the Buffalo Bill State Park.


  1. I worked with one of his alleged great grand kids years ago.

  2. Great post of a true entrepreneur.

  3. Say what you will but the dude had style.


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