Comic Con Phoenix 2012: The People

The Crowd
Sharon and I decided to attend Comic Con in downtown Phoenix this past weekend.  We wore our zombie housewives bowling shirts hoping someone would want to talk about our book (and they did).  I think we had the most fun watching all the people in their costumes.  Many seem to become the character they were portraying and loved the attention.  They did an amazing job so I wanted the people who where there to have their own post along with the celebrities.  I have a couple more posts on the event to follow.  Here are some of the ones we saw:

Ghost Hunters International's Paul Bradford and Scott Tepperman

This person admitted smiling under the mask while I was taking the picture. Too bad I couldn't see it.

The hulk and other action heroes.
(I am not up on my action heroes)

White Power Ranger

Can you say Star Wars anyone?

Ghostbusters with the evil painting.


Looking for Bigfoot at the convention.  Can I interest you in a Wookie?

The Original hulk, Lou Ferrigino

Casper Van Dien (people kept getting in the way)

Eureka's Colin Ferguson

Wil Wheaton

Levar Burton

Brent Spiner

Jack Sparrow (actually it was Jacquelyn Sparrow)

Freddie and Jason hanging out.


The celebrities kept moving and I don't take good people pictures.
I prefer abandoned places.
More to come.....


  1. Awww I wish I could have gone! It would have been cool to see the Eureka people cause I'm such a nerd for that show. Was it just Colin Ferguson there from the show or were more cast members there?

  2. Some of the others were there too. I just took Colin's picture. I didn't get any autographs. Some of the lines were very long. People kept stepping in the way of the actors, so I didn't get good pictures of them. It was a fun event and I know you would have loved it. Next year, Mikey, try not to miss it.

  3. Though not much of a comic book person, I always thought a Comic Con would be cool to go to and from this post, I think it would be for sure!

    1. I haven't been to a convention like this in a long time. All the quirky people, lots of horror genre booths, activities, and celebrities, it turned out to be lots of fun. I am glad I went.

  4. That's so cool! I want to go to a convention so bad.


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