Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories

We are currently working on our Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) book to be sold in hard copies on Createspace.  We added more to each story, what the places felt like, and how we came across them.  Sharon is editing each chapter while I revise the photos and add graphics.  As soon as the books are available to buy, we will let you know.  Meanwhile, you can still download a copy on Amazon  (Kindle) or Barnes and Noble (Nook).

"Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories(Desert Edition) offers a new perspective on abandoned sites, as a psychic and a photographer explore 12 forgotten locales in the Sonoran Desert.  Sharon Day utilizes her psychic skills to read objects at each site, while Julie Ferguson photographs the accompanying stark compositions.  Together, the images and stories fro the past bring life to these now-dead locations.  If you've ever wondered about an old run down building and what it was like in its heyday, ever wanted to see inside a psychic's visions, ever wanted to wander the remote desert, then this book is for you."


  1. This is exciting. I absolutely loved the book, but I want a coffee table version. Will this be a larger-than-normal print?

  2. Leo; We have the fonts at 14 right now instead of standard 12. We both admit to middle-aged eyes and we appreciate an easy read. Julie's graphics and the overall look of the book will be quite stunning. It is one of our best sellers and we get asked a lot to do a print version collectible and get asked a lot about the locations and what psychic reads are like, so we're expanding those parts of the book for more insight. It should be out in early July.

  3. Looks good. A print version will do your beautiful photographs justice.


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