Monday, July 2, 2012

My First Wraparound

I did it!  I designed my first wraparound and it is for our Abandoned Places book.  This book is soon to be in hard copies from CreateSpace for those who still love to touch and read a book.  It will also make a great addition to a book collection or top of a coffee table.

I will do a post with a link when this book is available to buy in hard copy form.  We still have it available to buy on Kindle or Nook.  The links are in my sidebar.


  1. It's got to be good! Look a favorable review from Barry Huddleston and you know what a jerk he can be ...

    lol wishing you much success !!!

  2. Hey, don't speak ill of my buddy Barry. He is a good man.........tee hee! Thanks, we are excited to have this book in a printed copy.

  3. It looks fabulous, Julie! Great job!! :)