Spirit of Halloween

Yay, it is finally October, the month of Halloween craziness.  This is my favorite time of the year, the FALL! I have hit the Spirit of Halloween store to show you some of their fantastic Halloween stuff.


  1. how did you get shots, every time i try they kick me out for sneaking photos. you are sharing some of the good stuff..

    1. We told them that we will feature them on our blogs. They seem to be receptive to that and let us take pictures and video. They were so nice.

  2. This weekend we're taking a trip to our own Spirits store to get prepared for Halloween. I can't freaking wait.

  3. We got Emry's costume from there, and I managed to get a similar shot with the girl on the swing.

    Klay and I are going to go back.. So that I can look around more.


  4. I wish we had whole stores especially for Halloween most shops just have an odd corner or half a row in a supermarket, so needless to say I like it.


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