Paranormal Geeks Book On Sale Now!

Sharon and I's "Paranormal Geek" book is now available to buy on  It is a labor of love for all our ghost, Bigfoot, UFO loving friends, and all other paranormal geeks out there.

“Paranormal Geeks” by Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson is an endearing homage to those of us who are into everything from UFOs to psychics, Bigfoot to ghosts, zombies to conspiracy theories. These two humorous paranormal bloggers interviewed dozens of paranormal geeks to find what made them PGs, their types, degrees, and ways they express it in their lifestyles and hobbies. There is a quiz to find out how much of a geek you are and a certificate to honor you in the end. The book also contains a large resources section to get your paranormal geek interests advanced to the next level. These authors take you on a magical journey into the minds of paranormal geeks and in the end remind us that we have found our large and varied tribe. As the authors like to remind us, “we outnumber the normal people.”

It is also available on Kindle for you to download to your Kindle, PC, pad and cell phones.  You can order the book and download for free the Kindle Reader to your electronic devices.


  1. Congrats on another book! I just "Liked" it on Amazon. :) You girls are so prolific! Writing machines!


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