2012 Road Trips in Review (Part One)

Sharon and I wanted to take as many road trips we could in 2012.  Our first trip we planned in January was to Kirkland, AZ for a ghost hunt.  The Kirkland Bar and Steakhouse had several stories of apparitions and strange noises.  I had several friends tell me of their paranormal experiences while visiting the place.  We were excited to take the trip and spend the night at this very rustic establishment.  The one strange thing which happened in the middle of the night was that the both of us heard an old-time piano playing.  The sound was coming from the bar area.  There is no piano in the place anywhere.  We also heard other strange noises especially during the nighttime.  We had a good experience there and felt the place warrants a second and more thorough ghost hunt.

Although our focus was going to Kirkland, what we didn't expect was how exciting the road trip to get there was going to be.  We drove through several small towns along the way which had lots of abandoned places. We were shooting pictures like crazy and very giddy about it like a couple of little girls at Disneyland.  By the end of that trip, I had several hundred photos to download and sort out.  January's road trip was a huge success.

Skull Valley
Vulture Mine

It was back to Casa Grande for this month's trip.  This time we were going to explore other areas of this small city.  We came across several old rustic signs; an abandoned farm house; empty building where a business had once thrived; an almost desolate subdivision with several forsaken homes; and the gem of the trip, an abandoned hotel with pool and cabins.  This particular hotel had a fence around it the first time we saw it months earlier, but not this time.

When we found out that the show "Finding Bigfoot" was going to film in Payson, Sharon and I decided to be a part of it.  We had talk about attending one of their town hall meetings if the show ever taped in Arizona.  Of course just going to Payson for the show was not enough.  Before the meeting, we cruised all over that town to find lots of interesting stuff to take pictures of.  The show's town hall meeting was shot inside the Oxbow Inn and Saloon.  Cliff was out camping that night, but we got to meet Matt, Bobo, and Ranae.  The stories took over two hours and most were quite interesting.  We did have a fairy lady tell her story but she referred to Bigfoot as a Hobgoblin.  It was a very balmy night in Payson and we just about froze our asses off.  The next day on our way out of town, we stopped at a fantastic antique store, Art & Antique Corral, and a bike/vehicle junk yard.  That was an amazing trip.

This month we chose not to take any road trips because our book, "Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse" was to be released.  We wanted to put all our energy into doing PR for the book.  Of course, it didn't come out when it was supposed to....

I wanted to see more Native American ruins so we decided to check out the Casa Grande Ruins in Coolidge, Arizona.  The ruins are remarkably well preserved and taken care of.  You can't miss the huge four-story Great House with a tin canopy covering the entire structure.  I would put this place on my list of must-sees if you take a trip to Arizona.

We were able to do two small trips this month.  The first place we stayed at was the Buttes, a resort in Phoenix.  We stayed there the previous year to celebrate putting the finishing touches on our Zombie Housewives book.  We decided to go there again to simply spoil ourselves.  We had a great time, again.

The second place we went to this month was to check out the historic Hayden Flour Mill in Tempe, Arizona.  They have been renovating the place for years and finally opened the outside of the mill for visitors.  They are still remodeling the interior and we were not allowed inside.  We were able to peek in the windows and see the old rustic machines they once used to mill the flour.  Behind the main building sits the massive silos which were constructed of cast-in-place concrete post.  I was so excited to be able to get photos of the outside of this place and can't wait to get inside.



  1. Wow... that sounds like you had a GREAT time!!

    I LOVE that part of the country!!


  2. Been enjoying your Blog. Just discovered it Today, Been up to any new adventures?


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