Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Is In Store For 2013?

Sharon and I start out each year with a list of places we want to visit.  After we make the list, we get out the calendar and decide which place we should see at what time of year.  The desert towns are much better seen in the winter while other places could make a great summer road trip.

This year we hope things will be different, actually even better.  Sharon will document all the trips on her video camera, and I will come armed with two cameras.  We want you to get a better idea of what these places are like as if you came with us on the trip.  Not only will I continue to post all the trips, but I will go into more detail about each location.

We plan to continue finding those interesting abandoned places in the tiny mining towns of Arizona.  This year, we are also planning trips outside of the state.  We have a couple planned in other southwest states such as New Mexico, Nevada, and California.  We found some wild west towns in these states that we must explore.  Also, we have been invited to ghost hunt and we even might have a chance to look for the big fella better known as sasquatch.  We are very excited about those adventures and hope they pan out. We are also hoping for trips to Kentucky, West Virginia and New Orleans.

Along with the trips, we are going to attend events such as ComicCon and HorrorCon for example.  We love spending time rubbing elbows with fellow Paranormal Geeks.  Speaking of Paranormal Geeks, we are also planning another abandoned places book along with a couple other books with exciting subjects.

I am a little slow to post at the beginning of this year but will pick up speed as our road trips begin.  The first is planned mid-month.  We are going to check out the tiny towns which are near Globe and are staying at a hotel near the Superstition Mountains.  I should get lots of posts from this trip.  Any vacations I take with my hubby, I will share with you here. Also, I am planning to create more craft items to put in my Etsy shop as soon as I am finish writing my Arizona Travels books.

Thanks you for reading and following my blog.


  1. I put a Plug in for your Book on my Facebook Art Page..
    ..Paranormal Geeks looks like a Great Book...I'm ordering one through Amazon....i need another good read to back up my current one i'm reading "Ghosts among us"

    1. Thank you for the plug. We are all paranormal geeks one way or another.