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I am sitting in my hotel room in Gettysburg about ready to go on a tour of the battlegrounds.  Getting here from Pipestem was quite the journey.  We went to Point Pleasant to check out the place where the Mothman has been sited. Then getting there to our hotel in Morganstown we had to travel through WV, Ohio and Pennsylvania to get there.  We stayed at a lovely highrise hotel near the water.  From there we met up with a friend of Sharon's in Hagerstown, Maryland, to have crab for lunch and then it was off to Gettysburg. All along the trip, we would stop at any interesting abandoned place we could get to.  We have more places for our Abandoned Places book.  More to come....


Moundsville Prison

abandoned farm house


  1. That's quite the Mothman sculpture! He looks like some kind of crazy robotic insect. I take it the real Mothman didn't make an appearance?

    1. No, we didn't see the Mothman but we did find the area where he has been seen many times. It was very creepy.


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