The Trip So Far

We are now into day three of our trip to WV and PA.  Our first day consisted of mostly flying and driving to our destination.  We are staying at Pipestem Resort in WV.  All I can say about the trip so far  is I am loving all the green lush scenery.  Yesterday, we visited some of Sharon's family and cruised around all the small towns near their homes.  We found interesting abandoned places tucked inside small spaces in the mountains along the road.  Today, we are sticking around Pipestem to do some hiking to an old cemetery and the nearby lake.  We were also told that some people have witnessed seeing Bigfoot in that area so we will keep our eyes open for the big fella.  Here are some pictures of what we have seen so far:  (I will do posts on particular places like Pipestem when I get home from the trip.)

The view from our resort.

The thick green trees are all around.  I love it!

An abandoned school house.
We wanted to get inside but too much foliage around the grounds.

Bluestone Lake

Bluestone Dam

Sandstone Falls

An abandoned house.

An old cemetery.

An abandoned building (The Hatcher's)

Cows grazing and ignoring us.


  1. It's a good thing that I wasn't there because I would have photo bombed the picture by running around the cattle yelling, "stampede run for your lives!"

    1. The cows are lucky you were not with us, lol.

  2. Beautiful pictures. The seventh one is my favorite. I just came back from a European urbex trip too.

  3. Found you through the Southern Spirit Guide blog and just wanted to stop by and say hi! Hope you're having a wonderful time in West Virginia. It's my personal favorite state, but I might be a little biased, lol. Feel free to check out my website, Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State while you're in town; I don't have a ton of urban exploration type places, but I do have quite a list of haunted locations, and Weird History. Safe travels!


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