West Virginia Here We Come

Sharon and I are embarking on a big 10 day trip to West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  We will be posting from the road our daily activities as well as pictures.  We will also be doing on-the-spot posts and comments on Twitter and Facebook.  We have lots of activities planned.  We are doing lots of urban exploring for our next Abandoned Places book.  We also have plans to visit many historic places.  So, keep your eyes on my blog as well as hers, http://www.ghosthuntingtheories.com/, next week for the exciting adventures of Sharon and Julie.


  1. Have a great time, you two! Looking forward to a little US "armchair travelling" via your posts. :)

  2. Wait a second LADIES! Where in Pennsylvania? You guys are going to be TOO close for us NOT to be able to SEE each other!!!

  3. Will be looking forward to it! Have a good time and stay safe!


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