A Town Called Sharon

After Sharon and I left Pipestem, we headed down the highway towards Point Pleasant, WV.  We wanted to do some urban exploring along the way and looked for interesting small towns to stop in.  We drove around a quaint little town called Friendship but didn't find any abandoned places.  The settlement did remind us of Mayberry.  So it was off again to look for something to take photos of.

We noticed on the next highway sign that we were driving towards a town called Sharon.  Sharon and I knew we had to stop there and at least take a picture of the sign.  She noticed a couple streets over an old church and wanted to check the place out.  If anything, it was something we could take pictures of. As we got closer to the structure, we saw sitting on the corner next to it was an abandoned house.  Yahoo, two empty structures to photograph.  We saw a man on a ladder removing letters from the church and was not sure he would like us taking pictures, but he didn't mind.  In fact, he pointed out the corner stone of the church which had the name "Sharon" on it and a dedication.  His wife saw our interest in the place and came over from their house to talk with us.  She not only gave us a history of the church, but on the abandoned Parson's house next to it as well.  She then took us on a tour of the inside of each structure.  We were so excited to not only find the two buildings, but to be able to check out the inside as well.  That doesn't usually happen for us.

She did tell us that her and her husband owned the land and both structures were going to be torn down two weeks after our visit.  We appreciate her taking time to talk about the places and giving us a tour.  Sharon was able to get a reading on the church.  It will be in our next Abandoned Places book.


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