Norman's Farm

Driving along the back roads of West Virginia, we came across this abandoned farmhouse.  We almost missed it because of all the growth all over the shell of the structure.  We stopped and noticed a building in the background which looked like it collapsed.  We took pictures of the structure before walking over to the farmhouse.  We noticed a cow staring at us.  He looked like Norman from the movie "City Slickers".  Norman would not keep his eyes off us the entire time we took pictures of the house.  This was another of my favorite places.  I just love how the vines engulfed the entire place.  It looked so beautiful.  Norman and his buddy kept a watchful eye on us until we got in our car.  I am so glad we found this empty gem.


  1. Aww... Norman! He was a sweet part of that movie. Beautiful photos! I like that spooky, overgrown look. I'm sure that place came with at least one ghost. :)

    1. Yep, that place had an eerie feel to it. I will bet something paranormal is roaming around inside the hollowed walls.

  2. Wait .... abandoned farmhouse.. with two cows? Or were they snooping from another farm?


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