Our Trip to Point Pleasant

Bartow Jones Bridge crossing the Kanawha River from Henderson
into Point Pleasant.

One of the towns Sharon and I made a point to visit was Point Pleasant, WV.  Located at the union of the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers, it is well-known for the tragedy in 1967.  On a cold December day, the Silver Bridge tumbled down into the frigid waters of the river below.  It happened during the busiest time of the day and 46 people perished.  The bridge was constructed in 1928 and was an eyebar-chain suspension bridge.  It only took one eyebar to break in the chain, along with a heavy load of traffic for which the bridge was not designed for, causing the collapse of the Silver Bridge.  The bridge was replaced in 1969 with the Silver Memorial Bridge.

For more on the history of Point Pleasant, check out this website:  http://www.masoncountytourism.org/.

We enjoyed our visit to this picturesque little town.  We drove around checking out the scenery and walked down the streets of historic Point Pleasant.  I can actually see myself living there.  We heard lots of stories about the Mothman and its connection to the Silver Bridge collapse.  My next post is on the Mothman.

Historic Lowe Hotel

Railroad tracks over the Ohio River

Flood wall murals at the Point Pleasant Riverfront Park.

Silver Memorial Bridge


  1. Lovely series of images. We've been there, too. :)

  2. Picturesque indeed. I bet that would be a blast to explore for a day.


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