Federal Point Inn

One of the places I really wanted to visit while on this trip was Gettysburg, PA.  I had never been there, but read lots of history about the place especially the stories about the sightings of ghosts.  The paranormal and history go great together and I knew Gettysburg had it all.  Unfortunately, we only stayed one night, but we did see as much as we could in the short time we were there.  (I have more posts about our time there following this one.)  I am happy to report that we will get the opportunity to revisit the place and stay longer sometime next year.

Sharon booked us a room at the historic Federal Point Inn which was a short distance from downtown Gettysburg.  The inn was once the Meade School and built in 1895.  Its structure was created and constructed in the “Richardson Romanesque” fashion, very elegant and chic.  When the school was dedicated in 1897, the president of the local school board said the school would display “high character” and “give the children of Gettysburg all the advantages that other towns enjoy”.  It was the areas only high school and in September of 1909, it was converted into an elementary school.  Today, the owner’s lovingly kept the architectural veracity of the immense building intact. 

We arrived in the afternoon, checked in and then enjoyed the complimentary tea and scones.  Our room not only had the double queen beds but it came with an extra sitting room space.  That area was where the entrance to the school once stood.  The doors were still there, which was apparent, but sealed shut.  Sharon felt a presence of a man in that room, but he wasn't anyone for us to fear.  She did have an interesting experience during the night.

On the wall in the sitting room.

The sitting room.

When we got back from walking through the town, enjoying a nice dinner and drinks at the Farnsworth House, and driving around the dark battlegrounds looking for the Devils Den, we went right to bed.  We were exhausted and I fell asleep when my head hit the pillow.  I apparently missed out on all the action that Sharon had to endure.  She woke up at least three times during the night, cold and just covered by a sheet.  She found her blankets balled-up at the end of her bed, then on top of her luggage, and the third time she saw them in the sitting room.  Hum, it looks like our unseen visitor was messing with her.  I am so glad I slept through it all.  We did enjoy our stay at the Federal Point Inn and worth checking into if you are ever in Gettysburg.

Our room's sitting area was right behind those double doors.


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