Outlet Barn

We first saw it from behind. This is what we saw as we passed it
up and quickly turned around.

Just outside Pittsburgh, PA on a side road near the highway, sits an old barn full of interesting and unique items.  Sharon and I first thought we found an abandoned barn to photograph, but to our surprise it was a store with many objects to decorate the inside and outside of your homes.  Among the decorative collection of extraordinary entities, we found jewelry, statues, furniture, and things to adorn the ceiling in anybody's place.  We found all the items just as fascinating as the building itself.  I took many pictures to add to my vacation memories.  This was the last place we went to before flying back to Phoenix.

From the parking lot.

The front entrance and guard dog. Actually he was sweet.

The large interior.

The view from the back porch.  The highway is right behind the wall.

The back wall.

Lots of colorful items.

The owner still uses an old cash register. I love it!

Oh yes, a dogs life.


  1. What a cool place to shop! As it turned out, the barn was hardly abandoned. I can see how it could fool a person from the outside, though. Did you end up buying anything there? This looks like a fun way to end your trip!

  2. Wow, what a cool store! I don't see a single thing there I'd have any interest in buying, and yet I'd still love to browse that store endlessly! (I'm sure the owner would love that)


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