September is Favorites Month

OUCH!  This is what my car temp read on September 5, at 2:30 pm.

I just posted the last of the places (Outlet Barn) Sharon and I visited while on our WV and PA trip in June.  It was a great trip and we took lots of pictures of the many places we went.  Now, it is September and I am getting ready for a fabulous fall, my favorite time of the year.  To get ready for all the activity Sharon and I are planning as well as with my family, I will use this month to post all the favorite places and things I have seen while on the many road trips around Arizona.  This place is great to visit especially in the winter while the weather is wonderful.  There are places I have seen that I feel are must sees for those who plan to take a trip out west to Arizona.

On my Julie Ferguson Design blog, I will concentrate on posting my Etsy crafts, book covers and photos along with an awesome photo or two I took on some of my many road trips.


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