Monday, October 28, 2013

Paranormal Weekend in Bisbee 2013

If you are anywhere near Bisbee, AZ on Halloween, you may want to check out the Halloween Paranormal Weekend and ghost tour.  The town is spooky enough and riddled with ghost sightings, so it would be the perfect place to be at on Halloween.

You can either book a room at the haunted Bisbee Inn and enjoy their three day ghostly festivities.  You will be treated to a ghost tour, Seance, a visit to the Mini Museum of the Bizarre, and be a part of a ghost hunt.  Another option is to stay at the Copper Queen Hotel and hunt for the ghosts of Billy or Julia Lowell.  If you smell her perfume, you know she is nearby.  Also, on the forth floor, a cowboy shadow man usually makes an appearance after you get a whiff of a cigar smell.  I can personally attest to the spooky activity at this hotel.  My friends and I have had lots of paranormal experiences.  (Look for Bisbee on my search engine and you can read all about it.)  Here is the website to book reservations or to check out all the activities:

I hope to be one of the many who enjoy making Bisbee their place to be on Halloween.

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