Book Reminder: Self Discovery, Geeks and Children

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Many people may forget we wrote this book, Kickin' Up Dust (Getting Lost to Find Ourselves).  This book is a personal journey for Sharon and myself.  We take you to a few of our road trip locations and give you a glimpse of what our lives were like at that moment.  Sharon went through a divorce during this time, while I lost my job and experienced money problems.  Not only are stories told about each place, but we both wrote in our own words what we were feeling at the time.  Take a peek into the personal lives of Sharon and Julie.  We are hoping to write another book like this on how different our lives are now.

PARANORMAL GEEKS..... remember this name and use it as much as possible.  The book with the same name started the geek craze.  The book breaks down the various types of geeks with testimonies from different people.  You may not think you are a paranormal geek, but I bet you will feel different after reading this book.  From the Paranormal Geeks book, we have created a blog, radio show, Facebook page, CafePress shop, and in the future, a book about a tweens group called, Paranormal Geeks Group.  Also, I am currently creating a logo for our future Paranormal Geeks Publications.  Just remember the tag line, "Paranormal Geeks, We outnumber the normal people".

Finally, our first of many children's book, Twice As Special.  Sharon wrote the story while I illustrated all the pictures and book cover.  It is a story of three very unique critters born from two different parents.  When attending school, they felt different, snub, and alone.  The other pure breeds wanted nothing to do with these very different critters.  It was during an event where their uniqueness shined above all the others.  They were not only accepted, but envyed by all the other critters.


  1. Hello there, Julie. Thanks for visiting my Blog and leaving a comment. I have known that you, as well as I, that you like abandoned and spooky places. While walking around the old Furnace site, I wondered just what goes on in that area in the night time hours. I'm wondering if there has been any "strange" things that can't be explained. Since the area dates back to the late 1700's, I would like to know if there has been anything that people in the area just don't say much about. I did not say anything in my last post about the Furnace, but I did talk with one resident that lived in one of the old homes. I asked her if she had any kind of "things" happen in her home that she can't explain. To my surprise, she told me that once in a while they hear voices in their home and there is no one there except her and her husband. Interesting, I thought. There are a number of old places around here, that I wonder about. Someday, I'll go and ask. Never hurts to ask a question.

    1. Sharon and I have talked about urban exploring and ghost hunting in PA. If we do, I will be asking you where we should go.


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