The "Thing" and It's Oddities

I talked about "The Thing"? in previous posts, but now I can say I finally know what it is.  Along Interstate 10 on the way towards Benson from Tucson, the highway is riddled with signs that say, "The Thing?".  It is a gimmick that works and gets people wondering what it is and to stop to take a gander.  It is a gas station, souvenir shop with a Dairy Queen attached.  You can find all kinds of Arizona novelties, shirts, jewelry, and gifts for friends and family.  To see The Thing, you pay a buck and walk through a metal door and enter one of the three big metal sheds full on antiques and other odd items.

In the first shed is old cars, buggies and a simulation of a torture chamber.

The second shed had strange but interesting wood carvings along with antiques behind glass displays.

The last shed holds The Thing, more old buggies and wagons with more wood carvings.  What is The Thing?  Check it out...

I tried to get photos through the glass but the reflection was so bad.
I put my camera on the glass and took several different pictures and
pieced them together so you can see the mummy and her child.
In other words, The Thing.


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