Back to Virginia

Carolyn, Katie, Mom, and Me in VA (2005)
This month, Sharon and I are taking a trip to Virginia for urban exploring, seeing the house she grew up in, along with her family's summer home, historic sites, and the beach.  It was 2005 when I last visited Virginia.  My father died on December 17, 2004.  He was born and raised in Newport News and Norfolk, VA.  At the time of his death, my father's two sisters were still living, along with my Mom's three brothers.  I felt strongly that my Mom should try and take a trip to not only VA, but to Rhode Island to visit her brothers.  We decided that July would be the best time for us to go.  She and I, along with my daughter Katie and cousin Carolyn, started our trip in VA with plans to drive to RI.  Sadly, her eldest brother passed away in March of 2005 before she could see him.

Aunt Doris and Uncle Guy
We landed in VA, met with my Uncle Guy, and got the car rental.  It was a midsize car which barely fit our luggage.  We knew when Carolyn joined us with her luggage, that car would be too small.  We ended up renting an SUV.  We followed Uncle Guy to his and my Aunt Doris' house where we were staying.

While in VA, we went to Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Monticello.  We only had a few days while there, but it was great hearing stories about my Dad when he was a little boy and seeing my two Aunts.  Both have passed on since that trip.  From Norfolk, we drove to Washington DC and New York.  We spent a couple of days in both places before heading to Rhode Island to visit more family.  I was glad my Mom took this trip.  She got to see her brother Mickey before he passed away in November of that year.

Carolyn and Uncle Guy at Jamestown
I am heading back to Virginia but for different reasons.  When Sharon and I do trips, we get the most out of them as we can.  For nine days we will be looking for all the cool abandoned structures we can, hitting the beach, and visiting her family homes.  I am excited to finally see Aspen Grove in person.  I have heard so much about this place.  I am curious to see if we have any paranormal experiences while there.  Of course, we will be reporting it all on our blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Looking forward to stories and pictures. I bet that's something else to go through your childhood home. One day I'd like to be able to see mine again.

  2. That is cool that you get to go explore your old home - it's not as fun for me. Mom still lives there! And she's been there 55 or so years.
    I bet there's a lot of cool stuff to see in Virginia.


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