My Top 10 Posts Since 2009

I have noticed that many of my older posts are getting lots of attention.  I am very happy about getting the traffic to my blog.  I thought I would make a list of the top 10 posts people seem to be interested in.  (Check out my sidebar for more of my top Popular Posts.)

1.  Gremlins: Those Pesty Little Creatures

2.  Disneyland: The Happiest Haunted Place on Earth

3.  Giants Buried in the Desert

4.  Haunted Houses in Arizona

5.  Urban Legend: When a Stranger Calls

6.  Mother Nature's Weird Creations

7.  Finding Bigfoot in Payson

8.  26 Bar Ranch (John Wayne Ranch)

9.  Hobo Camps: Riding the Railroads with Hobos

10.  Ouija Board: Spirit Board or Just a Game?


  1. You have done many more posts then me, but I have noticed most of my page views are not of the newest post I have just done, but seem to be quite random, which as you say is still good.

    1. Yeah, you just never know what will be popular each week. It depends on what people are interested in at the moment.

  2. That's a great looking photo of you! You have an 80s Halloween Cyndi Lauper look going on there.


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