Off We Go...

...into the wild blue yonder!  
Sharon and I are off to Virginia.  Look for lots of posts on this trip.

*NOTE - Look for the changes in this Above the Norm blog when I return from my trip.  I will be linking this blog to Sharon's Ghost Hunting Theories blog and making it an adventurer's blog.  I will be showing you places I have been and other places exciting to visit.  I will not just be focusing on the southwest, but other places around the U.S. and world.  I am planning a trip to Italy within the next couple years with my gal pals and can't wait to report our adventures.  Since I have an Arizona travel book about to be published, I realized how much fun I had writing and putting this book together, so I want to do more.  I am currently working on a journal-type travel book of Sharon and I's trip to WV/PA last summer.  I am excited about the changes, so look for all my paranormal geek's adventures.


  1. Hope you both have an awesome time on your latest adventure!!


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