Little Churches With Eerie Cemeteries

Throughout our trip in Virginia, we ran into lots of little old and/or historic churches with eerie little cemeteries on their properties.  I took many pictures and put them together on a slideshow video.

One church is Vauter's Episcopal Church & Cemetery along Highway 17 between Fredericksburg and Gloucester.  "Vauter’s Episcopal Church, the upper church of St. Anne’s Parish, was built in 1731 on land belonging to Bartholomew Vauter (originally spelled Vawter). One of the county’s oldest structures, it is the eleventh oldest of 48 colonial churches still standing in Virginia. The masonry is among the finest of any colonial church. Bricks, which are laid in a Flemish bond pattern, were probably fired on site and the mortar made from oyster shells." (Source:

A couple of the other churches are Mount Zion United Methodist Church with its cemetery on a hill, and Smithfield Baptist Church which was built in 1880.  Both churches are located in Gloucester.


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