Once Owned by Family

Summer Home:  Located in a picturesque inlet on Mobjack Bay, sits the historic summer home of my friend and co-author, Sharon Day.  She and her family spent many summers there in the 1960's and 1970's.  Sharon wrote an amazing book accounting all the paranormal experiences she had while vacationing with her family.  Be sure to pick yourself up a copy:
Vacationing With Ghosts

Little England:  This plantation overlooks the York River in Gloucester County and was built in 1716.  It is a Georgian style brick structure and was restored in 1939.  It now sits on 58 acres, has at least a mile of water frontage, and is the "best preserved colonial plantation homes" in all of Virginia.  It is also on the National Register of Historic Places and once owned by my 4 times great-grandfather on my Dad's side from 1836-1856.  When he purchased Little England, it sat on 300 acres.

Sharon and I did drive to the location of this historic plantation but were unable to get inside the gates.  However, when we visited Gloucester Point Beach and Pier (featured on my next post), I could see Little England from across the bay.  Thank goodness my camera has a great zoom feature on it because I was able to get pictures.  I was very happy.


  1. Your family home is majestic! What a location!

    1. I know. It would have been wonderful to see the place up close and wander the grounds.

  2. Remains me of the home on my great aunt's farm.


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