Outside Aspen Grove

I have heard Sharon talk about her childhood home, Aspen Grove, for a few years now.  I have been wanting to see this historic mansion, inside and out ever since.  We got the opportunity to travel to Fairfax, VA, so she could revisit Aspen Grove and see if any of her deceased family was residing there. We were invited inside by the current owner (inside is the next post), and she got to see how it looks today.  We also walked around the entire perimeter outside where she pointed out all the changes and what it used to look like.  I am not only posting a video of my pictures, but her video taking you around and explaining what Aspen Grove looked like when she was a child. Check out all her stories and the history of Aspen Grove on her blog: Ghost Hunting Theories

Sharon's book, Growing Up With Ghosts, recounts what it was like growing up in this over 200 year old house.  You see what happened not only through her eyes, but her family's as well.

Also, check out our book, Paranormal Geeks Gang: Geeks and Ghosts.  Two of the characters are simular to Sharon (She-She) and her brother Scott (Ben).  They live in an old Civil War home much like Aspen Grove, and have paranormal experiences along with their friends Kennedy and Clayton.


  1. Any house that has a name has got to be awesome!!!

  2. Julie, I am so thrilled you got to do this trek with me. I wasn't sure, given that 4 family members had passed on and said they would haunt the place. Having you there made me strong and sharing it with you was wonderful.

  3. Very cool tour of the outside, and that sounds like an awesome book. I'm excited to check it out!


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