Deadrise and the Lighthouse

Located in entrance to Mobjack bay, and west side of the Chesapeake Bay, sits the New Point Comfort Lighthouse.  Construction was finished in 1804, and on January 17, 1805, the light shined for the first time out to the bay.  The lighthouse is an octagonal shape, stands 58 feet tall, and is built of ashlar-sandstone materials.  Originally, along with the tower, there was a dwelling house, kitchen, covered way, well, oil vault, and eventually a dock.

After the War of 1812, the lighthouse needed repairs.  The structure, along with the keeper’s house, was rebuilt, and a fence was added around the property.  By 1839, boats were needed to get to the lighthouse because the sand bar was under water and no longer attainable.  In 1855, an updated lantern was added while the shoreline slowly eroded.

Today the New Point Comfort Lighthouse sits on its tiny island with no access.  The dock no longer exists and for safety reason, no one is allowed on the island and especially inside the lighthouse.  You can take a tour out to the lighthouse and see what it looks like after years of sitting empty.  For more information about the New Point Comfort Lighthouse, check out their website:

Sharon and I used the Mathews Deadrise Charters to take us to see the lighthouse.  Our tour guide was captain Trey.  He pointed out interesting facts and places along our journey to the lighthouse.  It took an hour both ways and was totally worth every second.  We were delighted with dolphins that swam alongside the boat on our trip up, and hung around while we took pictures while circling around the lighthouse.  If you are ever in Mathews and want a boat tour around the bay, I would recommend Mathews Deadrise Charters and Captain Trey.  Check out their website and Facebook page:

I put a video together of all the photos I took on our tour of the New Point Comfort Lighthouse from the boat.


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