Dinosaur Land

In White Post, VA, there is a place where you can be transported back in time.  This is not Jurassic Park but a place where dinosaurs ruled the earth during the Mesozoic time.  You can come face to face with a large array of these giant creatures including 50 different species of dinosaurs, a massive shark or octopus, and King Kong himself.
Dinosaur Land opened in 1963 and has seen generations of families walk through the grounds among the creatures.  The park not only offers the dinosaur attraction, but you can also find a gift shop, and a birthday party room.  Check out their website for all the information:  http://dinosaurland.com/

Dinosaur Land was the last place Sharon and I went before heading home to Arizona.  Our friends joined us and as you can see, the place is just as much fun for adults as it is for children.  Our inner child came out to play.


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