What’s Around Front Royal?

First known as LeHewtown in 1754, Front Royal has a little over 14,000 souls living in this little town today and is located in Virginia.  By the 1790’s the town had the moniker of “Helltown” because of all the rowdy boatmen and wranglers that came to town wanting booze.  By 1788, the settlement was recognized as “Front Royal”.  Many are not sure where the name actually came from but one rumor is that the French called it “le front royal”, which means the British frontier.  Another story is that the name originated from the giant oak tree, the “Royal” Tree of England.  And yet another explanation for the name is it possibly came from the American Revolution where the words “front” and “royal” were used as passwords for the military.  On May 23, 1862, the Battle of Front Royal was fought there and all the way through the Civil War.  For many decades after the war, Front Royal was the place where lumber, agriculture, manufacturing, and grain mills afforded many jobs for those living in the area.

Today, Front Royal is the perfect location for outdoor adventure and the gateway to the Shenandoah Nation Park.  The historic district provides you with an abundance of shops, historic sites, amazing architecture, and places to eat.  For more information on what this town provides, check out their website:   http://www.frontroyalva.com/

As usual, I took many pictures as my friends and I walked around town.  I display these pictures in a video set to music.


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